Boy said trigger words but I wasn’t triggered. I’m actually okay. I’ve got hope about being okay now.

life updates

  • boy likes me and i like boy and boy is not R 
  • jazz is good
  • friends are good
  • sisters are good
  • school is okay not bad
  • p happy right now


1. Sometimes I still google
“Signs of Domestic Abuse”
to remind myself I was right.
I still flinch at slamming doors,
a broken dish, a white couch.
Sometimes I look in the mirror
and see your face.

2. I have learned this world
is the size of a fist, lately
an open palm.
Where ever you are,
you will probably read this.

3. Good.


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R is my best friend because I almost had a panic attack and he was automatically like “alright, new topic, move on right now go” and that just means a lot to me because i know i’m difficult to deal with.

Resources for Male Survivors


I posted last week asking people if they knew of some good resources for male victims of sexual assault. Here is the list people came up with:

Thanks everyone.

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Linda: I was distracted. In my head
Katie: We were making eye contact!!!
Linda: I know

Behold the cutest person. She loves the Jazz

Jazz just makes me beyond happy. It’s my love.


Behold the cutest person. She loves the Jazz

Jazz just makes me beyond happy. It’s my love.


What I like about this one is it actually tells ABUSERS what to do to stop the behavior. Because sure you get the one person out, but if the abuser isn’t stopped then another person is going to get hurt.

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Anonymous Asked:
Nothing pisses me off like guys feeling that im responsible for their orgasm if they happen to get horny. Like if were just making out and im clearly just wanting to smooch and suddenly hes whinging about how I got him hard and now I have to have sex
Katie: You keep saying you're bad at the jazz but you keep playing the jazz well
Getting closer!

Getting closer!

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term so far: a list

  • cherry street is perfect and i love everyone in it and jazz is just the best part of my life rn
  • classes look p good so far
  • i have a lot of free time which is awesome bc so many responsibilities
  • kolorworx is already going great
  • i’m already making new friends!!11!!
  • roommate is a poop sometimes but i spend all my time jazzing anyway
  • been talking to R a lot and best friend reunion should happen soon aka tomorrow probs

If people would just listen to my advice they wouldn’t get themselves into shitty situations and life would be better.